Legionella Risk Assessments for Dental Practices

CQC, HTM 01-05 , ACOP L8 Compliance |  Dental Surgeries

Legionella in Dental Practices

All dental surgeries are required to undertake legionella risk assessments of their Dental Unit Water Lines (DUWL) and hot and cold water systems. Whilst the reported incidents of legionella are low, there has recently been growing cause for concern, with legionella being found in up to 25% of DUWLs in the south-west.

Legionella can be transmitted via contaminated water droplets, aerosols, and via contaminated instruments such as ultrasonic scalers or high-speed handpieces.

Assessments are necessary periodically, and water samples should be taken to further aid the analysis of the water quality. Records must be kept of routine checks, cleaning and disinfection as part of a legionella management programme.

The possibility of legionella can be reduced through a number of measures including ensuring on frequent water turnover to help avoid a build-up of sludge in the pipes and water tank. Cold water must be stored at temperatures less than 20°C, and hot water at a minimum of 60°C and 55°C in healthcare premises at the outlet (taps). DUWLs and infrequently used taps need to be flushed on a week basis.

If your water is cloudy, tastes different or has an odour, call us to arrange a microbiological investigation as these conditions may promote the growth of legionella.

What is included in your Legionella Risk Assessment?

You will receive a fully comprehensive Legionella Risk Assessment helping you meet compliance.


Executive Summary

Summary of legionella risk.


Asset List

A list of associated assets.


Management Review

Review of management & control.


Action Plan

Remedial actions & risk photos.


Temperature Readings

Full system temperature record.


Site Specific Guidance

Identified duties and frequencies.


Water System Schematic

Diagram of water system.


Survey of Water System

Key survey findings.


Legionella Introduction

Legionella background.

Legionella Risk Assessment in Dental Practice FAQ’s

If any of your legionella risk assessment questions are left unanswered. Then head to our Legionella FAQs page or contact our friendly team today.

How long will the risk assessment take?
Legionella Risk Assessments can take anywhere between 1-6 hours depending on your water system. However, small systems with less than 20 sinks/showers/baths often take between 1-2 hours on site. Our engineers will work closely with you to ensure minimal disruption to your business is caused.
What happens after the risk assessment?
After you have received your legionella risk assessment, you must ensure all remedial works are completed as part of your action plan. And implement a logbook for recording all legal duties and monitoring requirements.
Why do you need a legionella risk assessment?
Under general health and safety law, duty holders including employers and those in control of premises, must ensure the health and safety of their employees or others who may be affected by their undertaking. They must take suitable precautions to prevent or control the risk of exposure to legionella.

They also need to either understand, or appoint somebody competent who knows how to identify and assess sources of risk, manage those risks, prevent or control any risks, keep records and carry out any other legal duties they may have.

How much does a legionella risk assessment cost?
Legionella Risk Assessments vary in prices depending on the size of your building and often the number of water outlets included on your site. At uRisk our assessments start from £99 for smaller buildings such as small dental practices. Larger buildings require a more detailed risk assessment often with large plants and water outlets taking prices from £99 to in excess of £500.
Are uRisk qualified?
Yes, all of our Legionella Risk Assessors at uRisk are Legionella Risk Assessment qualified and accredited by City & Guilds and can help assist you in meeting compliance today for HSE (ACoP L8).
What is the booking & payment process?

Once we have confirmed our quotation, and you wish to proceed. Our operations manager will be in contact with you to organise a date & time that suits you.

All payments are due prior to booking completion unless agreed in writing for 30 days from date of invoice.

We will hold your booking time for 24 hours whilst we wait for payment, should you fail to make your payment within 24 hours your booking time will no longer be held.

We accept payment by BACs or online on our Make Payment page.

Do uRisk provide a nationwide service?
Yes, whether you have one or multiple water systems and one or multiple sites, uRisk provide a nationwide service.
Do you assess dental unit water lines?
uRisk will inspect and assess your dental unit water lines with no additional fee. Here’ we’ll be looking at your existing monitoring and flushing regime of the dental water lines. How often you flush the lines. What disinfection solution you use if applicable. How you store your water bottles overnight and when out of use if applicable. The management of legionella plays a key role in preventing legionella proliferation. You responsibilities will be outlined in your report where you can improve your monitoring and management of your dental units.
How often should I flush my dental unit water lines?
The approved code of practice recommends that you flush for 2 minutes at the start and end of day. And 30 seconds in between patients.
How often should I disinfect my dental unit?
This is an important question, and should be one aimed at your dental unit manufacturer or supplier. There is no guidance for how often you should disinfect your dental unit and dental unit water lines in the ACOP L8/ HSG 274 Part 2. It’s always good practice to undertake routine water sampling and disinfect the water system accordingly.
Do you provide water testing/sampling?
Yes, in UKAS approved laboratories. However, legionella testing, water testing or sampling is not to be confused with a legionella risk assessment. Testing or sampling whilst not a legal required plays an important role in determining how efficient a water system is managed. Where as the legionella risk assessment will identify risk areas that may encourage proliferation. Water testing services include: legionella, e-coli, total viable count (TVC), Pseudomonas, hard water, chlorine free, pH levels and more. Learn more about legionella testing.
How should I store the bottles on my dental unit?
The ACOP L8/ HSG 274 guidance recommends removing your bottle and leaving it inverted (up side down) overnight to allow any water to leave the bottle.
When will I receive the risk assessment?
You will typically receive your legionella risk assessment between 2-10 working days from the date the assessment was carried out. From time to time, not often, our team will need a little more time, so please expect to have your report no later than 30 days. Need your risk assessment sooner? Get your report, guaranteed next day delivery via email for just £50.
When and how often do you need one?
The Approved Code of Practice L8 (HSG 274) in accordance with The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 states that – “The Duty holder should arrange to review the assessment regularly and specifically when there is reason to suspect it is no longer valid. An indication of when to review the assessment and what to consider should be recorded and this may result from:

  • A change to the water system;
  • A change to the use of the building where the system is installed;
  • New information available about risks or control measures;
  • The results of checks indicating that control measures are no longer effective;
  • Changes to key personnel;
  • A case of legionnaires disease.”

The common standard is annually for health care premises and biannually for all other premises. However, here at uRisk we recommend annual reviews to ensure correct implementation is being carried out.

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