At Risk

Duty Holder

This person is typically the owner or person with significant authority, and is responsible for:

Appoint Responsible Person

The duty holder must appoint a competent responsible person.

Risk Assessment

The duty holder should ensure the appointed responsible person has implemented a legionella risk assessment.


Ensure all employees or others that may be exposed are suitably informed and given instruction and training.

Responsible Person

Review of the Risk Assessment

Ensuring that the risk assessment is reviewed and kept up to date.


Identify and Assess Sources of Risk

The risks should be identified and assessed for review of removing or reducing the risks.

Water Logbook

Must implement a water logbook for monitoring record keeping.


Must ensure that those involved are competent to undertake the works within their responsibility.

This person is typically an office, site, or general manager, and is responsible for:

Other Responsible People

This person is typically the maintenance staff, and is responsible for:

Monitoring Tasks & Record Keeping

Responsible for monitoring tasks that have been appointed to them by the responsible persons.

Service Provider

Scope of Works

Responsible for the scope of works that have been agreed only. All other responsibilities will be the duty holders and responsible persons. Tasks that may be given to the service provide may range from legionella risk assessments, remedial works, water logbook monitoring tasks, sampling, or any other task.

This person is typically a competent service provider contractor, and is responsible for: