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Legionella Testing Kit

£50.00 +VAT

What is Legionella Bacteria?

The legionella bacteria is found in natural environments including ponds, rivers and lakes. The bacteria can also be supplied in small amounts within the mains water supply. Where there are water and the conditions of creating water droplets (aerosols), people using or within the area of these services may be at risk. It is this bacteria found in the water supply which is the cause of Legionnaires disease.

Where there is a potential for legionella risk, there is an absolute need to manage and mitigate this and according to the HSE “if you are an employer, or someone in control of premises, including landlords you need to be aware of the risks that legionella poses.”

uRisk Water Hygiene Services

uRisk is a water hygiene specialist that provides both water treatment services, UKAS accredited legionella testing, and water testing analysis. This mean’s we can resolve your water quality failings with water treatment engineers in-house. There are many legionella testing kits available online from non-specialists who operate as an e-commerce store that may not provide the same level of service.

uRisk’s legionella testing kits are suitable for any water system and industry. This includes hot and cold systems, cold water storage tanks, cylinders, dental water lines, swimming pools, and more.

4 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Order Testing Kit

Your Legionella Testing Kit will include water sample bottle(s), easy to follow instructions and a FREE return package.

Step 2 - Fill Sample Bottle

Fill the water sample bottle(s) from your taps following the instructions.

Step 3 - Return Delivery

Drop off your return package to any local Post Office on the same day you have taken your sample.

Step 4 - Get your Results

Your sample results are tested in a UKAS approve laboratory and sent to you in PDF format in 10-14 days.

About this Product

What is included in the legionella testing kit?
  • 1x Sterile Bottle
  • Instructions
  • UKAS accredited analysis
  • Free Sample Packaging
  • Pre-Paid Return Pack
  • Confidential Service
  • Results & Certificate
  • Laboratory testing takes at least 10-14 days

All orders are posted on Mondays only (example – if you make your order on a Thursday your delivery will be actioned on the next Monday). Delivery fee for UK mainland, this includes delivery to your address and pre-paid packaging for the return of the samples for analysis. Our reliable and easy-to-use legionella test kit provides results in minutes!. We make legionella testing quick and easy. Legionella water testing has been a long and frustrating exercise in the past. Even getting an interim result can take 7-10 days. Unfortunately, time is critical in water systems that are high risk and pose a genuine danger of legionella bacteria contamination. With our legionnaire’s test, laboratory or sample bottle are not needed. Furthermore, there are no waiting days or weeks for results. This comes with peace of mind that both your business and the individuals involved are safe from a legionella outbreak.

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 1kg

Dimensions: 25.5 x 15.5 x 14.5 cm

Legionella Testing Kit FAQs

What water systems should be tested?
  • Drinking water (including water dispensers and coffee machines)
  • Hot and cold water systems
  • Care Homes
  • Healthcare premises
  • Water heaters
  • Dental units
  • Swimming pools
  • Spa baths
  • Cooling towers
  • Eye showers
  • Eye wash units
  • Water fountains
  • Vending machines
  • Closed water systems
Who is this DIY Rapid Legionella Testing Kit for?

The DIY test kit is best suited for those who wish for non-intrusive testing of water in areas such as Doctors surgeries or Dental practices. You may also wish to have testing or sampling carried out at home.

Alternatively, if you’re working on a budget, then this is a great way to reduce costs by undertaking the sampling yourself. Removing the need for water hygiene specialists visiting to perform the sampling for you. Our test kit comes with easy to use instructions with full customer support if required.

How long does it take for the results from the lab?

We will start analysing your water sample as soon as we receive the bottles. The legionella bacteria culture test takes at least 10 days to confirm results.

Can I mix samples?

It is recommended that you use one sample bottle for each sample point. Do not mix samples from more than one tap as this will dilute positive results and give no indication of what outlet or area is affected. Many companies provide sampling at low prices with this formula. It is not recommended and often becomes more expensive should you have a positive result, you will need to pay for more samples.

How much water should I take for the samples?

The bottle must be full, with at least 250ml of water to undertake the test. Refunds will not be offered where minimum sample requirements are not met.

What is the shelf life of this testing kit?

When it comes to testing water, time is of the essence! Once the sample is put into your sample bottle, we have 24 hours to get the test to our laboratories for testing. Any longer and this can make for inaccurate readings. We make legionella risk management easy, save some sweat and give us a call today.

Does this kit test for all types of Legionella Bacteria?

Yes! All types of legionella specified are tested with our legionella test kit. Our testing kit has an extended shelf life and is an easy way for you to implement legionella control measures and implement risk management.

How do I know what the test kit results mean?

uRisk is a water hygiene specialist, so unlike many other water testing service providers we are not just a laboratory we’re water hygiene consultants, and therefore can explain what your results mean, and what the next actions are to remove the bacteria from your water system.

You can find simple, easy to read result explanations with your sample report. And should you receive a positive result please do not panic, uRisk offers disinfection and chlorination services for legionella when detected.

More Information on Legionella Test Kits: Risk Assessment Test

Use these legionella testing kits as a way to effectively and conclusively test for legionella bacteria. These testing kits provide rapid legionella tests with quick turnaround laboratory analysis. Avoid a legionella outbreak with monitoring, control and management.

These legionella testing kits allow you to carry out an effective test & analysis of cold water systems for possible legionella risks. Use this mobile lab test to test for legionella bacteria in water systems. Avoid exposure to legionella pneumophila and legionnaires disease with regular water testing and monitoring.

Legionella & Risk Assessment Test

Get accurate rapid legionella test results, and test your system for Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1. If your water system contains legionella bacteria, also known as, Legionella pneumophila, and your water is not managed correctly with rapid legionella testing your could experience extreme cases of legionnaires disease.

Legionella Bacteria

Use these test kits for rapid legionella testing and prevent legionnaires disease, removing legionella risk from your company with a legionella pneumophila serogroup 1, cfu l and 100 cfu l legionella risk assessment lab test.

Lab Worthy Legionella Test Kit for your Water System

Free your water system from legionella risk with effective legionella testing today. Use an accurate legionella pneumophila test lab monitoring and detection equipment to check if your water system contains traces of legionella pneumophila serogroup 1, cfu l and 100 cfu l.

Rapid Legionella Testing Kit

No training is required to use these legionella risk disease risk testing kits. Ensure your customer health and safety requirements are met, with this legionella pneumophila detection kit.

Accurate Legionella Detection and Monitoring

Complete a legionella test water sampling and ensure your employee and consumer’s health and safety. No prior training is required.

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