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What to look for in a legionella risk assessor

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What to look for in a legionella risk assessor

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Blog

When you are looking for a legionella risk assessor, there are a few things you can look out for to ensure the company of your choice will do a trustworthy and reliable job.


Qualifications and accreditations

Check that the company is accredited with an expert official body such as the Water Management Society (WMS). WMS only accepts membership from qualified engineers (City & Guilds standards or equivalent) who undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in order to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date.

Make sure the company you’re hiring also uses an accredited laboratory to test the samples, such as UKAS, the UK’s national accreditation body for organisations offering testing and certification services.

It is an additional advantage if the company is also accredited as a SafeContractor, which requires members to demonstrate their commitment to ongoing sustainable and ethical practices

A further check is to ask whether the company’s employees have been checked by the government’s Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) to ensure safeguarding. This is essential if you run a business that deals with vulnerable people, such as a healthcare facility or nursing home.


Experience and reputation

It’s always worth asking how long the company has been trading, or how long a consultant has been working in the field. The more experience they have, the more clients they will have worked for, and the more likely they are to have loyal customers who are willing to give them testimonials and reviews. Google reviews are always a good indication of the quality of work and the customer service offered.


What if the results are positive?

If you have done your due diligence and hired a company that offers a comprehensive range of services, not just risk assessment and testing, you’ll be in a very good position. Rather than having to find a different company at short notice to undertake any remedial work, you can instruct the original company to do the work straight away. This will save you a lot of time when you actually need to move quickly.

When you initially approach the company about the risk assessment, make sure you ask them about what would happen in the event that their water tests positive for the legionella bacteria. This will give you a good idea of what to expect, and also the likely costs.

If you would like to know more about the risk assessment, remedial work and other services we offer, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!




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