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Why your employees need Legionella awareness training

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Blog

Legionella is a bacteria that can be found in any water system. Its growth is encouraged by stagnant water, in temperatures between 20-50°C, and it feeds off organic debris, limescale, and foreign bodies like rusted steel, rubber, and lead. 

All businesses and landlords must provide a healthy environment for their water systems and have excellent health and safety procedures. They should think about a Legionella training course because all water systems have the potential to breed Legionella, so no matter how many sinks they have or whether they have mains water supply, a combi boiler, a tank or not, they still need to be aware of the dangers and do a legionella risk assessment.


Why your employees need legionella awareness training


Taking a Legionella Awareness Training Course will help duty holders and landlords understand their legal responsibilities, the health and safety risks, and learn how to monitor and control their water systems correctly as all water systems require a legionella risk assessment. Any legionella training course must adhere to the Approved Code of Practice L8 (HSG 274) and ideally be part of CPD certification and conform to universally accepted continuous professional development guidelines.

A legionella awareness training course should allow duty holders and landlords to:

  • Understand background and medical aspects
  • Have knowledge of responsibilities and identifying risks
  • Understand control and management and record keeping needs
  • Understand the importance of monitoring, reviewing and update legionella risk assessment


Legionella training at your own pace


An online Legionella training course is perfect for duty holders and landlords who find it difficult to find time to attend a course off site. The course should be able to be accessed from anywhere at a time that is best for the learner and it means it can be completed at their own pace. Make sure it is in an understandable format and that they can take the test at the end any number of times at no extra cost. Ensure they will receive their certificate promptly so they can demonstrate they have taken the course and, importantly, it can be used to provide evidence for compliance and auditing purposes. The industry best practice guidelines recommend that the training is taken again every two years so that every duty holder’s knowledge is kept up to date.

Contact us for further information about our online Legionella Awareness Training Course. This is an affordable option for all duty holders and landlords and takes 2-3 days to complete. They can sign in and out freely from anywhere. It is easy to follow and saves their progress as they complete all of the individual modules. There is a multiple-choice test at the end which they can take any number of times and we don’t charge them any extra. Once it has been completed successfully, they will receive their certificate, by email, on the same day. 

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