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Private Water Supply Borehole Testing

£1,340.00 +VAT

Private Water Supply Borehole Testing

This test includes all testing required to meet the Drinking Water 2021 Private Water Supplies in England, Page 15, Table 1 testing requirements. This includes:

Microbiological: E.Coli, Coliform Bacteria, Enterococci, Clostridium Perfringens, Legionella.

Chemicals: Odour, Taste, Manganese, Iron, Aluminium, Turbidity, Colour, Lead, Nickel, Nitrate, Fluoride, Pesticides

uRisk Water Hygiene Services

uRisk is a water hygiene specialist that provides both water treatment services, UKAS accredited legionella testing, and water testing analysis. This mean’s we can resolve your water quality failings with water treatment engineers in-house. There are many legionella testing kits available online from non-specialists who operate as an e-commerce store that may not provide the same level of service.

uRisk’s legionella testing kits are suitable for any water system and industry. This includes hot and cold systems, cold water storage tanks, cylinders, dental water lines, swimming pools, and more.

4 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Order Testing Kit

Your Legionella Testing Kit will include water sample bottle(s), easy to follow instructions and a FREE return package.

Step 2 - Fill Sample Bottle

Fill the water sample bottle(s) from your taps following the instructions.

Step 3 - FREE Return Delivery

Drop off your FREE return package to any local Post Office on the same day you have taken your sample.

Step 4 - Get your Results

Your sample results are tested in a UKAS approve laboratory and sent to you in PDF format in 10-14 days.

About this Product

What is included in the testing kit?
  • 1x Sterile Bottle
  • Instructions
  • UKAS accredited analysis
  • Free Sample Packaging
  • Pre-Paid Return Pack
  • Confidential Service
  • Results & Certificate
  • Laboratory testing takes at least 10-14 days

All orders are posted on Mondays only (example – if you make your order on a Thursday your delivery will be actioned on the next Monday). Delivery fee for UK mainland, this includes delivery to your address and pre-paid packaging for the return of the samples for analysis.

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 1kg maximum per filled sample bottle

Dimensions: 25.5 x 15.5 x 14.5 cm

Private Water Supply Borehole Testing FAQs

I am required to test my private water supply?

Yes. Ordinarily properties with mains water supply are supplied with wholesome water that has been pre-treated prior to delivery. Whereas private water supplies through boreholes are supplied by underground lakes known as Aquifers. This water is untreated an may contain harmful bacterias, pesticides, and the like.

How often should I sample my private water supply?

An initial full suite of water tests should be undertaken initially. A more reduced routine sample regime may be suitable thereafter. Contact us for more information.

My water supply has a funny taste, can you help?

Yes of course, there are a number of reasons why your water supply might taste funny. We can provide water tests to have assist you with resolving this.

What water tests can you provide?

uRisk provide a wide range of water tests. The Private Water Supply Borehole Test is fully comprehensive test. For more basic drinking water testing, get in touch today.

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