Water Softener Service and Repairs in 2023

Water Softener Service and Repairs in 2023

Apr 2, 2023 | Blog

In hard water areas, water softeners are an essential element in keeping machinery and equipment running efficiently. The main problem with hard water is that it produces scale in water pipes, taps and showerheads, decreasing the flow of water and making machinery work harder which uses more energy and will eventually lead to costly repairs and the need to replace equipment at more frequent intervals. 


How much does a water softener cost? 

According to Checkatrade, new water softeners cost between £500 and £1,600 depending on the size and quality of the cylinder you need. Alternatively, you can spread the cost with a pay-monthly rental option. You can expect the cost of installation to be an additional £350. You will also need to factor in the cost of salt as well as the cost of annual servicing

However, you will get a return on your investment in terms of the increased life expectancy of equipment and machinery, fuel efficiencies created by the smooth running of your equipment, and you will no longer need to periodically descale your water pipes and fittings. 


What does a water softener do? 

Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from your water – these are the minerals that are the cause of water hardness as well as the scale deposits that cause all the problems. The hotter the water, the more scale that is deposited, which is why kettle-descaling is such a problem for people who live in hard water areas – the more scale there is in the kettle, the longer it takes to boil. 

Commercial water softeners have a resin tank that captures the unwanted minerals, a brine tank which holds the salt that softens the water, and a control head. The water passes through the resin tank which contains a bed of beads (usually made of polystyrene) that are charged with sodium ions. The beads attract and retain the calcium and magnesium from the water – the softened water will be kinder on your infrastructure and equipment, resulting in more efficient and longer lasting equipment that ultimately needs less maintenance.


Water softener service engineers near me

Over time, the performance of your water softener will decline unless it is properly maintained. Most water softener manufacturers recommend that water softeners are serviced annually to ensure they continue to work efficiently and protect your water pipes and equipment from the damage that a build up of scale can inflict. 

uRisk’s commercial water softener services costs start between £100-£500 + VAT for commercial services, and between £75-£200 + VAT for residential properties. 

uRisk provides cost effective servicing, maintenance and repairs to businesses across the UK. Our specialists can service or repair ion exchange, single cylinder, twin cylinder or non-electric water softeners. 

A water softener servicing is a health check that includes recalibration if necessary, as well as a check to ensure a number of elements are working safely and correctly – electrics, valves, and regeneration. The service will also identify any faults in the equipment and let you know what the repair options are. 


Water softener installers in my area

uRisk engineers can also help with the installation of your new water softener equipment. All our engineers are fully qualified and DBS checked. 

Contact us if you would like to book a service, installation or water softener repair work.

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