Comprehensive Water Softener Training Course for Professionals

Comprehensive Water Softener Training Course for Professionals

Oct 3, 2023 | Blog

Water softeners are essential for all many different businesses based in hard water areas. This means water softener training is essential for duty holders, responsible persons and facilities managers with responsibility for looking after cold water systems. 

Softeners protect water systems from a build up of minerals that will prevent machinery from working effectively and eventually damaging equipment. Water softeners reduce electricity bills by keeping pipes clear and minimising the power needed to keep the water circulating. 

The type of industries that benefit most from water softeners are ones that typically use a lot of water, such as laundries, hospitals, processing plants, manufacturing plants, higher education facilities etc. 


Water softener training courses

Our Water Softeners Training Course is a one day course, based in the classroom, where you will learn everything you’ll need to know about using water softeners to protect your equipment. The course will cover theory as well as having a practical element, and you will be assessed through online multiple choice questions at the end of the day. Our courses are CPD certified. 

The main learning outcomes from our water softener training will be an understanding of the types of water softeners and when they are needed, as well as the servicing requirements. The practical learning will show you how to undertake the water softener procedure. 


Why does water need softening?  

The hardness of water depends on the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium present in it. Over time, deposits of calcium and magnesium build up – known as scale – inside pipes and on equipment that uses hot water. People who live in hard water areas are all too used to dealing with scale in their kettles. The major problem with scale is that it builds up on heating elements, decreasing the efficiency of the appliance or machinery, and also shortening its lifespan. 

Hard water also decreases the efficacy of soap, washing up liquid and washing powders, which means you need to use more product to get good results. In terms of laundry – which will be especially important if you run accommodation or hospitals – hard water also reduces the lifespan of linens and clothing. 

Therefore water softener is hugely important for businesses as it will mean equipment runs more smoothly and also prolong its working life.


Do you operate in a hard water area? 

Given the effect of hard water on machinery, if you are moving your manufacturing operation to a different area of the UK, the hardness of the water may be something you need to take into account. Defra has produced a map showing soft and hard water areas in England and Wales, and you can request water hardness information in Scotland from Scottish Water


Water softener training course

Our water softener courses offer all the basic principles of water softeners, including a water softeners introduction, water treatment management and information about water softener systems. If you have just been appointed as the responsible person in your business and need to find out more about good practice, it is an ideal starting point.

We also run a number of training courses including legionella awareness and risk assessment. Check out the Training modules on our website to find out more.

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