How much does a legionella risk assessment cost?

How much does a legionella risk assessment cost?

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Legionella risk assessment costs vary depending on the size of your water system, and the type of property you have, commercial or domestic.


1. How much does a legionella risk assessment cost? (commercial)


Small commercial legionella risk assessments with small water systems, often with less than 10-60 sinks, in businesses such as small dental practices, doctors surgeries, commercial offices, community centres, gyms, hairdressers, etc. These types of water systems typically cost between £200.00 to £500.00, depending on the number of tanks, cylinders and other assets. So how much does a legionella risk assessment cost for a larger water system? If you have a larger system, typically seen in: hotels, care homes, hospitals, schools, etc. These types of water systems typically cost £500.00 upwards, depending again on the number of tanks, cylinders and other assets.

Please bear in mind these are industry guide prices only and do not reflect uRisk’s prices. Your water system may fall into either category.

uRisk provide the most competitive quotes for 2 reasons:

1. Technology – Our uRisk app produces your report on site, eradicating time-consuming old methods of report writing at the office.

2. Research – Our team are forever research industry prices to provide you with the best price, meaning you don’t have to.

Our prices are very competitive. Get in touch for a free quote or visit our legionella risk assessment page for an idea on our prices.


2. How much does a legionella risk assessment cost? (domestic)


Domestic legionella risk assessment prices vary considerably. One reason for this is that there are many ‘pop up’ legionella companies albeit plumbers, handymen or the like, trying their hand in Legionella. So make sure your assessors are competent, qualified and have adequate experience.

The second reason for vast ranges in quotes for legionella risk assessment is the quantity. Chances are you’ve been told by your letting agent, estate or property manager that you need a legionella risk assessment. Or a legionella certificate (certificates are ‘made up’ you only need a risk assessment, but that’s for another post); well, if that’s the case, they are most likely going to be able to provide you with the best price. The reason being is that they’ve most likely hired a contractor to carry out assessments for all their clients. And with this kind of quantity, and bulk assessing in a confined area, prices can be reduced. So whilst you may wish to hunt around for your own prices, most often than not, your agent has got a discounted price, which may be the best for you.

With all the above said, how much does a legionella risk assessment cost for a domestic or residential property? Our research of over 50 quotes tells us you’d be looking to pay between £90.00 to £200.00 for an individual property (independently quoted), and £50.00 to £100.00 if you choose to go with your letting or estate agent.

Commercial risk assessments are always more expensive in cost as they require more detailed assessing. Whereas domestic risk assessments are only required to be a “simple risk assessment” as stated by the HSE.

Whatever your needs, contact uRisk. We’re always happy to provide FREE advice and cost-effective ongoing legionella risk management.



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