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Anti Scale (copper suitable) 10L

£100.00 +VAT

Chemical Name: SPIN, Suitable for Copper Hot Water Cylinders, Liquid 10L

Acid descaling is a process used to remove mineral deposits and buildup, such as limescale, from surfaces using an acidic solution. The acid solution dissolves and breaks down the mineral deposits, making it easier to remove them from the surface.

Acid descaling is commonly used in industrial settings, such as in boilers, heat exchangers, and pipes, to improve efficiency and prevent damage caused by buildup. It is important to handle acid-descaling solutions with care, as they can be corrosive and pose health and safety risks if not used properly.


  • Suitable for Copper Hot Water Cylinders

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About this Product

What is included?
  • SPIN, Suitable for Copper Hot Water Cylinders, Liquid 10L
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Product Use Sheet
Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 12kg

Chemical FAQs

Is this chemical hazardous to touch?

Yes, contact with most chemicals can be hazardous to touch. Please read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Product Use Sheet for safe handling.

Are instructions included?

Yes, all chemicals are provided with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Produce Use Sheets.

Does the chemical go off?

Some chemicals can go off after a period of time post creation date. Contact us to find out when your interested chemicals go out of date.

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